Kennel Club Assured Breeder

Stud Dogs

Our pedigree stud dogs are all available for stud. All health test results for our dogs are listed below and all dogs may be seen by prior appointment.

F.T.A.W Glassgreen Hawk - Murphy

Murphy is an absolute pleasure to work. He has a very independent attitude and he is 100% rock steady.

Murphy always wants to please, despite his independence. and he always works with speed and style.

He is a natural jumper clearing a six-foot fence with ease, his natural well built-body enables him to tackle fences, walls and ditches with ease and eagerness. He lives to work and would do so all day long.

He has an amazing pedigree and is a proven Labrador stud dog carrying the yellow gene.

Health Tests

  • Hips 3/1
  • Elbows 0
  • DNA Tested for SD2 – Clear
  • DNA Tested for EIC – Clear
  • prcd-PRA – Hereditary Clear
  • CNM -Herdiray clear
  • Murphy always holds an up-to-date
    clear eye certificate

Broadleaf Jake - Jake

Jake is the son of Reef and he’s a very intelligent powerhouse who will do anything for a retrieve.

He never tires and will go through any rough cover you send him in, never failing to find that retrieve. Jake has an excellent pace and power which he can keep up all day.

Jake is a proven stud many times over.

Health Tests

  • Hips – 3/3
  • Elbows 0
  • prcd-PRA – Hereditary clear
  • Jake always holds an up-to-date clear eye certificate