Working Labrador puppies reared to the highest possible standard


We aim to produce top-quality, trainable gun dogs for both the shooting field and as active, loyal family pets.

Our puppies are born in the house, where they stay until 3-4 week’s old. At this stage, they will venture out into the kennels where they have more space. We have various locations in the gardens for them to play, getting them used to different terrains under their little paws and exploring different things.

They’ll already be familiar with the rhythm of people coming and going and will be used to the sounds of televisions, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other appliances.

The puppies are well socialized, especially with children. Our grandchildren spend all their time with the puppies and as you can imagine, family and friends are always happy to come and play with them!

They leave us with their 1st vaccination, microchipped, four weeks free insurance, four weeks of treatments for fleas, ticks, and lice along with lifetime support from us.

They have also had the necessary health checks for their breed.

We are very fortunate to have our stud dogs, which means that both parents can always be seen.

We take great pride in rearing our working Labrador puppies to the highest possible standard, something for which we are renowned. It is impossible to devote too much time and effort into rearing a litter of pups which is why we provide around-the-clock care for both the bitch and her litter.

The first few weeks of a pup’s life are critical to its future development and this time is a high priority in the rearing of our litters.

Pups are always in demand both in the UK and abroad but we must be assured that a new home will offer the lifetime welfare and care our pups deserve.

Our aim at Broadleaf Gun Dogs is to breed working Labrador puppies that are healthy, confident, and display that all-important willingness to learn – traits that are very much the Broadleaf hallmark.

They are commented on time and time again by new owners who go on to produce loyal, dependable, and highly skilled working or active family pet Labradors.

After your initial contact with us, we will respond with a questionnaire. Once completed and if we are happy, we will invite you to come and visit Broadleaf, meeting the mums, dads, and if you are lucky any puppies that we may have at the time.

It is vital that we are happy our puppies are going to the best homes. It is also vital that you are happy as prospective new owners – to be completely satisfied with the environment in which they’ve been bought up.

"Have had Ralph now for about 10 days now and would highly recommend broadleaf. Julie and Lance are professionals and the premises is top rate. All their reviews are spot on - Ralph is already shaping up to be a quality dog."
Pete Verrall